USIS Enterprise is present on the scene of precision machining and mechanical welding since 1986, with constantly evolving, high performing equipment. We are specialised in machining large dimension parts (up to 40 tons), mechanical welding and heavy metalwork. Our competences apply to high precision industry and particularly demanding sectors such as : energy, hydraulics, mechanical and naval construction, armament, offshore and nuclear industries. Our 3/8 work-plan enables us to be most competitive, and we can guarantee perfect results in short time lapses.


45 highly qualified engineers are at your disposal to offer you their specific competences according to your machining requirements (vertical lathing, large dimension boring …) Thanks to our digital controlled machines, we can produce your machining and welding assemblies with precision.

USIS Entreprise - 12 rue des Bergers - ZAC du Roubian Sud - F 13150 TARASCON - FRANCE - Tél. +33 (0)4 90 49 60 60 - Fax +33 (0)4 90 49 84 33 - Email